AMD or Intel?

AMD and Intel have both been making processors for many years.  Some people are die-hard AMD fans and some Intel.  But when it comes down to it what processor is going to be right for you?

The technology put into the CPUs has changed a lot since we first started seeing them.  Originally AMD was the less expensive budget CPU.  It was still a good product but not quite as high performance as the Intel CPU.  When we started seeing the Intel Pentium 4 CPUs and the AMD Athlon series, AMD had some technologies that actually made them have a higher performance processor.  This didn’t change AMD’s price range either.  They remained to be less expensive than the competitor.  This remained the case for a few years until Intel came out with their “Core 2” series.  After the release of the Core 2 series Intel started taking the lead again on performance.  This hasn’t changed.  Intel remains ahead on performance today by a very large margin with it’s current “Core i” series (i.e. core i3, core i5, core and i7).

AMD still has a less expensive CPU.  If a person wants to build an inexpensive gaming PC then AMD may be the way to go.  One can buy a higher end AMD FM2+ CPU and still have the ability to game.  The FM2+ socket CPU has built in Radeon graphics with it.  You can also add a designated Radeon video card to take advantage of the Crossfire technology to really boost the graphics performance and still keep a PC under budget.  The downside to this is that you would pretty much be maxed out with what you can do with that setup not leaving much room for upgrades later on down the road.

If budget is not to much of an issue and performance is of higher importance then you might want to look into using an Intel CPU.  One can buy a higher end Intel CPU and have much better overall performance than you will find in any AMD CPU.  For gaming one can just add an Nvidia Geforce video card alongside the CPU and have a very solid gaming machine.  Depending on the processor purchased there could still be room for considerable upgrades.

If you have questions or need help deciding on what CPU is right for you please call us or stop by our store front.