Welcome to the official website of ABI Computers.  We are located in Nampa Idaho on the corner of Midland and Flamingo, very close to the Cleveland Blvd.  We have been serving the treasure valley for over 32 years dealing with PC related products and repairs.  We understand that not everybody knows a great deal in computers and technology.  We are here to help you understand more about your PC by elaborating it’s workings, it’s hardware, and the internet to help keep you up to date.  After many years of business our selection of PCs, laptops, adapters, and other hardware components has become very large.  We even keep enough hardware in stock for you to select what you need to build your own custom PC. 

If you are having problems with your PC or need help replacing components in your PC we have a repair department that can serve you as well.  If you are a business and need on-site support we can help you get up and running.  Please browse through our menu at the different pages available on our website to gather information on what we do and who we are.  If you have questions or need help with anything PC related please view our contact information on this page and give us a call!