ABI Computers

As you may or may not know, ABI Computers has closed. Mark decided around August of 2022 to retire.  He then sold the building and closed ABI in December of 2022.  Mark thanks you for all your business throughout the years.  We would like to wish Mark the best wishes as he enjoys this stage of his life and his retirement after 35+ years of ABI.


My name is Eric Murphy. I worked for Mark at ABI starting out as a tech and then the Sr. tech and labor manager. My time at ABI lasted for 25 years. After ABI was closed, I wandered a bit doing several different jobs. As, I went about my normal routine of life, I would run into customers from ABI. They almost always said the same two things. They missed ABI and asked “Where do I take my computer for repair now?” I realized that I didn’t really have a good answer to that question. It kept happening over and over, the same conversation. I didn’t like the job I was at and I wasn’t having much luck finding a different job. Then one day after running into another former customer. If I didn’t have the answer to that question, I should be the answer. I should start repairing computers again. I realized that I missed the people and fixing computers. I decided that I would start up my own mobile computer repair service. I called up Mark and setup a meeting. I asked him if it was OK to use an old copy of the data base of ABI customers to reach out and let our old customers know that there was some place they could get their computers fixed. Mark asked me why I would want to use an old, out of date copy. He pointed at a computer sitting in the room and said “when there is an up to date one sitting right there”. We made a deal, right there and then. As a bonus, I got the old ABI phone number too. As you can also see Mark gave me permission to use this website to let you all know. So, right there and then EAM Computers was conceived. I look forward to the knew stage of my life and wish Mark all the best with his new found time to hunt rocks. lol


So, if you need your computer fixed or just have a technical question about something, you can give me a call. You get one of the same voices on the other end of the phone you’ve heard for over 25 years. You get the same great customer service and quality repair that you’ve always received.


So, the answer to that question is EAM Computer